Combining Three Websites into One

Our client had three different brands with three different websites. Not only did they need a detailed plan to combione all that content, but they also tasked with preserving the Google rankings for individual pages on the new website.

The Challenge

Our client is an international chemical company that came to us after a series of mergers. They decided to combine three different brands with three different websites into a single website under a single brand. In addition, they wanted to ensure that the impact to Google rankings and domain authority the individual sites had obtained would be minimized.

The Solution

Our experience has shown that when taking on a project this big, organization is the key to success. Industrial Traffic has developed a proven website development process that can scale to meet any website development project. And the first step was a detailed audit of all the sites. We wanted to review everything from the content on the site to its Google Analytics. These audits took time, but the information they yielded formed the basis of the content on the new site as well as giving us  a benchmark for their Google Analytics.

The next step was to develop the new content architecture for the site. The site would have some similar pages to the older sites, but also some brand new ones. Moreover, with so much content, we were also looking for ways to consolidate pages, and provide a more intuitive navigation.

All the content on the original sites was carefully mapped to the new site. This allowed us to implement 301 redirects and minimize the impact to rankings. Again, a time-consuming task but necessary for the best results.

Once all the content had been categorized, as well as the new direction and purpose of the site determined through meeting with the client, the development process was pretty straightforward and we were able to follow our normal website develop process.

The Results

The new website has been consistently gaining in Google rankings in a very competative field, has increase pageviews, increased time on the site and decreased the bounce rate.


Increase in traffic


Increase in pageviews

Top 20 Keywords


Drop in Bounce Rate

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