Our client was developing a new e-commerce website that needed traffic. They had been building an email list of prospects and others who fit their target audience. We used that to fuel their launch.

The Challenge

Our client had just developed a new e-commerce site and wanted increase brand recognition within the industry, as well as boost sales. The problem was that normal SEO could not be done on the site as it was not developed by us, and we did not have access to the backend. We had to find a way to effectively engage potential customers, and push them to the site.

The Solution

The client was fortunate to have a large email list of potential customers. From this list we developed  a strategy of engaging with customers through customized segments in the email list. We started by sending out general, industry-related newsletters with information on very specific subject areas. This helped us identify and tag people as they intereacted with the newsletter. As people were tagged, we created distinct segments within the total email list. Each segment would be idenitifed as having interest in a particular subject or product our customer sold.

We then used automated email marketing to send regular information about sales and product availability of distinct products and services. Each message was customized based on what intersted each segment.  

We then employed a discount based on referring a friend to the service and sent that via email. This helped expand our mailing list even more, as well as imporve our overall reach.

The Results

The email campaign continues to be a resounding success. Traffic to the website and orders have increased. And as we send more emails, our CTR rate is also improving. This comes from providing even more engaging content based on analysis of campaign performance.


Increase in Website Traffic


Click Through Rates


Increase in orders


Increase in time spent on the site

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