Video and Photo Services

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Video and Photo Services

What type of content will resonate with your customers? Some will want to read about your products and services, while others may prefer to sit back and watch a video about them.

It’s incredibly important for your marketing program to be impactful. Fortunately, content catered to the entire spectrum of customers that visit your website gives your business the edge it needs to be the resource they’re looking for, with the format that suits them best.

Professional photo and video services give your marketing strategy the assets it needs to send the right message.

Professional photography & video services.

Industrial Traffic’s photography services are relatively straightforward. Your digital marketing campaign needs strong imagery, and our team makes sure you have it. On-location photography is an alternative to relying on stock-photography that gives the imagery on your website a real sense of authenticity. It also allows our designers to have more control over the look and feel of your web presence.

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Why do you need video?

When it comes to the multimedia used as part of a digital marketing strategy, one of the first questions many clients tend to ask us is, “do I even need a video?” Chances are you do. Because every visitor is different. While written content and strategic design are often enough for many visitors and shoppers, video can be the edge you need to hold their attention.

What kind of video is right for you?

What video will your customers and website visitors enjoy? What kind of information will help them? Depending on your business and your industry, website visitors all want something different. With the right kind of video, you can provide it.

  • Company “about us” videos
  • Videos documenting your process or equipment
  • Videos that showcase your product

Our video process:


We’re not just interested in coming in with a couple cameras and filming whatever we see.


Our videographer will sit with you to discuss the video features that best suit your goals.


With this complete, we will plan the shoot, storyboard your video, and – if necessary – write scripts for your approval.


On the day of the shoot, we will establish and shoot all of the shots needed to edit and launch your video. Once the video is fully edited and approved, our web and social media teams will distribute it via your website and social media profiles.

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Thinking about bringing your marketing efforts to the next level? Professional photo and video will help. Get in touch with us today!