PART 1: The Basics

These days, Google is the center of the internet. Countless people from around the world are seconds away from everything they need, thanks to the Google search capabilities accessible from their phone, tablet, or desktop computer.  And the truth is, when any customer, client, or potential partner is interested in your business—no matter where they heard of you—the first thing they’re going to do is Google your business name.

There’s no way to exaggerate how much your presence on Google will impact the future of your business. The days of just being a number in the phonebook, or relying purely on word of mouth, are long over: because of Google, every potential person or company you might work will be able to make a rapid judgment based on your reviews, presence, and whatever other information the search engine offers.

Google My Business is your way to control the impression they receive. Here’s what you need to know.



GMB logoWhat is Google My Business?

Google My Business is, most likely, something you have already encountered on Google Search. When you search for businesses on Google, you will come across profiles that display features such as open hours, photos, reviews, videos, questions, a website link, and more. Google My Business is the platform that allows you to submit information about other businesses, or – more importantly, regarding this subject – to control your own business profile.


Why Google My Business Should Matter to You

The first thing to keep in mind is that customers are already Googling your business, so taking the reins will ensure that the impression they get from your Google listing is the one you want them to get. Otherwise, you might find that your Google listing, for instance, is lacking information about the daily hours you are open, has the wrong phone number, or other common errors.

The second thing, though, is that using Google My Business also allows you to find new customers, appear higher in Google listings, and interact with customers more easily.

A completed Google My Business profile has been shown to massively improve your SEO ranking. More importantly, though, it immediately makes your business not only more professional, but also more accessible: if all the fields are filled out, customers will be able to find your phone number and call you within seconds from their phone, rather than hunting through a website. If you have an office space, they can pull up your address and GPS it just as fast. They’ll also have instant access to reviews, which will establish credibility for your business – and by having an easily accessible Google presence, satisfied customers will also, in turn, be more likely to leave reviews, deepening that credibility.


How Do I Get Started?

Of course, with all marketing that brings rewards, finding success with Google My Business involves knowledge, practice, and a learning curve.

Before anything else, though, you’ll want to make sure you’re in charge of your business profile. First, sign in to your Google account (or create one). Then, go to, and enter the name and address of your business, and then follow the prompts.

Or even easier, contact us, and we can take care of everything.


Read Part 2 of Why an Optimized Google My Business Listing Is Crucial to Your Digital Marketing Success, when we’ll discuss more practical applications of a Google My Business listing.

If you have any questions about how to optimize your Google My Business page, contact Industrial Traffic. We are the digital marketing experts for industrial marketing. And we’d love the opportunity to work with you.